Reach Accelerator Plus Premium

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We Help Students To Achieve The Grades That They Deserve And To Unleash Their Highest Potential!

In an ever-changing landscape, Reach Educational Services bridges the gap between students and academic excellence!  Our students see an average test score increase of over 30% and a GPA increase of over 1.5. 

Package Breakdown:

1. One-On-One Tutoring Session

2. Ages 4 to Adult Tutoring

3. Multiple Subjects Or Courses Available

4. Sessions Are Tailored To Your Child’s Academic Needs

5. We Utilize The Student’s Curriculum/ Standards Based On Their Location

6. Personalized Learning Plan

7. Homework Assistance

8. Test Prep

9. Progress Report

10. Parent Consultations

11. Also Available For SAT, ACT, & GED Prep

The Process

1. Complete the Student Information Form Below.

2. Make the payment for the required tutoring package. If the payment is not made on our website, please email a copy of the payment receipt to reacheduservice@gmail.com or whatsapp 876-8491720 or text 803-757-0156.

3. Once numbers 1 to 2 have been completed, and payment is confirmed you will receive an email with the official booking and meeting details within 2 business days.

Please select the tutoring package of your choice. Please note that it will take 3 days after we receive payment for classes to begin. Each tutoring session is 1 hour long.


Things to Note

1. Each tutoring session is 1 hour; however you can request more than 1 hour in 1 sitting.
2. Bookings should be made at least 3 days before the requested start date for the session.
3. You can choose your tutor or we can assign a tutor to you based on the information
4. Tutoring sessions are booked based on the teacher’s availability.
5. All classes are held on Zoom or Google Meets.

6. All classes are recorded and are available for preview by only the student or the child’s
parent, if requested.
7. A diagnostic test is done during the first session to assess all learners’ knowledge.
8. Tutoring sessions are held all year round inclusive of holidays.
9. Weekly, Biweekly and monthly payment plans are available. However, if you would like
to pay for the entire term, you can do so. Please let us know your preferred payment plan.

As part of our tutoring program you are required to complete the Student Information Form below. Ensure that all the information submitted is correct. If you have concerns about the privacy of the information submitted, you can review our Privacy Policy.

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