Meeting Minutes


Why choose REACH to write your minutes?

πŸ“ Precision in Every Detail: Our team specializes in capturing every nuance of your meetings, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation. From crucial decisions to action items, we’ve got it all covered!

πŸ•’ Time-Saving Excellence: We understand that time is money. With REACH, experience a streamlined process that allows you to focus on what matters most – productive discussions and strategic planning. Leave the minute-taking to us!

🀝 Seamless Collaboration: Our collaborative approach ensures that the minutes align with your objectives. We work closely with you to tailor our services, making sure your unique voice and corporate culture shine through in every document.

πŸ” Confidentiality Guaranteed: Rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is in safe hands. REACH adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality and data security, providing you with peace of mind.


1. Make full payment for the package of interest. Once payment is made, whatsapp or email a copy of the payment receipt, if payment was not made on our website.

2.Β Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a payment receipt.

3. Submit your notes, recordings and any information needed for us to complete the minutes. Email the information to reacheduservice@gmail.com.

4. Once the payment has been made and we receive all requested information, that is when the processing time will begin.

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