Interactive Powerpoint or Google Slides Presentations


Want to have an innovative and interactive PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation? Let our technologically savvy team assist you! It takes 4 processing days for the service to be completed.


1. Make full payment for the package of interest. Once payment is made, whatsapp or email a copy of the payment receipt, if payment was not made on our website.

2. Email the requested details to us. Make sure that the information is labelled correctly.

3. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a payment receipt.

4. Once the payment has been made and we receive the requested information, that is when the processing time will begin.


Required Details:

Provide the following information to complete the requested service:

1. Topic/ Subtopics

2.  Lesson Plan or the information needed to create the interactive Powerpoint or Google Slides.

3. The information that we need to know or special request.

4. What will the interactive Powerpoint or Google Slides be used for?

For additional pages to what’s listed below, you can change the quantity beside the ‘Add to Cart’ tab. You can also select more than one option, if needed. Please note that the selected service will be completed in 4 business days.

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