Guidance Annual Report


An Annual Report is an evaluation of the planned and executed activities for an academic year. We assist guidance counsellors with creating their Annual Report based on the Ministry of Education’s required standards.


1. Make full payment for the package of interest. Once payment is made, whatsapp or email a copy of the payment receipt, if payment was not made on our website.

2. Email the requested details to us. Make sure that the information is presented on a Word document and labeled correctly.

3. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a payment receipt.

4. Once the payment has been made and we receive the requested information, that is when the processing time will begin.


Required Details:

Provide the following information to complete the requested service.  

The report is done in two sections:

1. Analytical account of your job tasks and components of the programme.

2. Statistical information.


Analytical Information Required:

*Responsive Services (Preventative) – The programme or activities initiated by the guidance department to reduce the risk, to or impact on a group, of individual problem situations already existing. For example: peace day, career day, boys day, parents workshops etc.

*Curriculum Development – The proactive initiatives implemented or supervised by the guidance department to deter or undermine the onset of individual or group problems. For example: Guidance Classes; the topics taught throughout the year and the evaluation of these topics.

*Administrative –The activities related to the proper and timely delivery of the service. For example: referrals, individual counselling, group counselling, lessons done for the year per term, consultations, home visit, etc.

*Supportive – Activities which facilitated the achievement of the programme objectives for student development. For example: peer mediation, prefects, grade 6 transition, orientation etc.

*Professional Development – Activities that enhanced the counsellor’s competence and development. For example: A list of all the trainings, workshops, seminars, short courses, in-school professional development attended with dates, venues, and name of training provided.

*Action Plan Evaluation- If you do not have the program evaluation, the full program event is required.

*Program Events Evaluation- If you do not have the program evaluation, the full program event is required.

*Please note that pictures of the activities, flyers, or programmes is a plus to enhance the annual report.


Statistical Information Required:

*Number of Individual Counselling Sessions

*Number of Group Counselling Sessions

*Number of Group Guidance Sessions

*Number of Home Visits

*Number of Referrals

*Number of Staff Development Exercises

*Number of workshop/Seminars (a) attended (b) sessions presented


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