Live Teacher E-Portfolio Session



Are You Ready To Take Your Teaching Career To The Next Step?

Teacher E-Portfolio is a professional development course created for teachers to organize their professional journey. For this course we offer 2 options. We offer a live session on how to create your E-Portfolio as well as packages that are centered around us creating your E-Portfolio for you.

Live Teacher E-Portfolio Session

This live professional development course teaches you how to create your E-Portfolio using Google Sites. The course breaks down all the guiding principles of the new effective teacher appraisal document. Teachers will be carefully guided to create a portfolio that captures their professional journey using creative and engaging tools. Please note that:

  • This is a certificate course
  • This is a 3 ½ hours course that meets on the day that the client(s) requests.
  • The price is a group price. The group can have an unlimited amount of teachers. However if you would like to book the course as a one-on-one, it is available at the same price.

Live Teacher E-Portfolio Session Schedule

Session 1– A) Guiding Principles

  •  Outlining evidences required for each Guiding Principle
  1. B) Gmail, Google Drive and Google Sites
  •  Creating Gmail Account
  •  Uploading, creating, naming and sharing files and folders, etc in Google Drive
  •  Learning the features of Google Sites
  •  Uploading from Google Drive to Google Sites

Session 2- A) Sample E-Portfolio

  •   Viewing sample portfolio and how evidences can be arranged
  1. B) Canva, PosterMyWall, Removebg
  •  Creating Canva Account/PosterMyWall account
  •  Creating cover banner, footer design and logo utilizing all 3 apps
  1. C) Starting YOUR E-Portfolio
  •  Adding your evidences and newly created designs to your Google Site
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