Comprehensive Guidance Programme


The Comprehensive Guidance Programme is a well planned programme for an academic year that covers the preventative, intervention, supportive administrative and professional development of the Guidance department. This caters to parents students, teachers and the school community to deter the onset of any activity that may affect the stakeholders negatively. We assist guidance counsellors with creating their Comprehensive Programme based on the Ministry of Education’s required standards.


1. Make full payment for the package of interest. Once payment is made, whatsapp or email a copy of the payment receipt, if payment was not made on our website.

2. Email the requested details to us.

3. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a payment receipt.

4. Once the payment has been made and we receive the requested information, that is when the processing time will begin.


Required Details:

Provide the following information to complete the requested service. 

1. A current needs assessment results administered to all stakeholders, i.e. Parents, Students, Teachers and Ancillary Staff.

2. Last Guidance Programme created at the school (Preferably that last academic year, if not the last created one will do).

3. A summary of the School’s Improvement Plan goals, and the goals directly related to the Guidance Department.

4. Previous academic Year, Guidance Annual Report Evaluation.

5. Previous Year Guidance Department Budget.

6. Previous Year Guidance Department Calendar of Events.

7. If no programme can be found the following is needed:

-Foundation (School Profile & Needs Assessment)

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