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Sashani Ewar

About Me

Sashani Ewar a dreamer by nature, has charted her own career path as a Visual Arts educator, entrepreneur and content creator. Her educational background nurtured her into becoming the driven, disciplined and charismatic woman that she is today. A Jamaican born into excellence, Sashani is a proud graduate of Rusea?s High School and The Mico University College.

On her journey as an educator, she worked at Munro College and Cherryvale Elementary. In 2018, Sashani broke the over 10 years drought at Munro College in the Visual Arts department with 100% success rate in the CSEC Examination and became the youngest and second female in the department to do so. In 2019 Sashani was recognized as Induction Teacher of the Year for Cherryvale Elementary and was nominated as Induction Teacher of the Year for Sumter School District, South Carolina.

It was while working to create better experiences for herself through education and her fierce desire to explore every inch of the planet that lead to the birth of REACH Educational Services. Realizing that the world is filled with remarkable teachers and students needed a one stop academic online avenue for academic growth and development, she decided to bring both entities together on an online platform thus creating REACH.

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