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Sharfua Fearon

About Me

Sharfua is a fourth year student at the St Joseph’s Teachers’ College where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education, she is a dedicated and zealous individual who strives to achieve her goals despite any adversity.
Sharfua has gained over five years experience teaching young children and makes it her daily duty to create and maintain an environment that is comfortable for the teaching and learning process. She believes that successful children become successful adults and goes above and beyond to ensure that all her students achieve this goal.
Sharfua is a dependable and an eager teacher and her passion and dedication is reflected in her work ethics. Sharfua follows the stipulated guidelines and curriculum and still manage to bring an edge and creativity to learning. She takes criticism well and promptly address any issues that will hinder her from growing professionally. She is very dynamic as she always utilize the modern information learnt in college as well as doing her own research to add to the her level of uniqueness and precision as a teacher.

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