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Miska Perue

About Me

Miska is an alumna of Northern Caribbean University. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Teacher Education, emphasizing in English Literature and minoring in Spanish. Additionally, she is a certified TEFL tutor. Miska is quite the enthusiast when it comes on to learning about different cultures. It was this enthusiasm that propelled her to venture across the world to China, where she engulfed herself in a TEFL role. Through this experience, Miska not only refined her ESL teaching skills, but was also able to immersed herself in the Chinese culture and their teaching and learning styles. Ergo, Miska has garnered and toned the abilities to be empathic and patient towards learners of other languages. Furthermore, her passion in her dedicated field has a way of captivating her learners, which in turn motivates and inspire them to not only want to learn, but also plants a desire in them to learn language through immersion. “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” –Ludwig Wittgenstein

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