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Danielle Bandoo-Vaz

About Me

Danielle Bandoo-Vaz (B.Sc)

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Sciences from the University of the West Indies and a Diploma in Primary Spanish Education from Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College.

She is currently employed with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information where she serves as the Head of Department for Spanish, Spanish Specialist Teacher and the Technology Committee Lead at a prominent primary school in the green parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Danielle honed her love and passion for Spanish from her days as a student of St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School, where she studied Spanish for five years before completing three additional years learning Foreign Language Education at the tertiary level.

This multifaceted, vibrant, enthusiastic and dynamic facilitator knows how to put the fun in learning while transferring knowledge.

She describes herself as an educator who fosters healthy learning environments, caters to diverse student needs, and instils interpersonal skills that make students invaluable contributors to their society.

She has almost ten years of experience teaching Spanish to students of ages five to twelve years. She was awarded for her indelible contribution as one of the Most Outstanding Grade Six Teachers, Most Outstanding Peer Leader and Most Adaptable Teacher in proactively navigating the teaching-learning arena in the 2020 pandemic.

Mrs. Vaz is an all-rounder who seeks to develop her students holistically. She has trained and lead students to winning goal-medal performances in Jamaica’s National Spanish Festivals over the years and representing the school at many social events.  

In her leisure time, Danielle enjoys hosting game nights, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, watching the sun disappear over the horizon, exploring the outdoors and painting.

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